Genetically Modified Foods Vs Organic Foods?

When I began researching for videos to support the idea that organic foods are by far the best food one can eat, I came across these disturbing videos.  Thank goodness there are people who are being vigilant and are brave enough to tell the truth via video.

If bills  HR875 and S425 which had been presented to congress to be passed as soon as possible had been  allowed to become law, our ability to have access to do our own organic gardening or to have a choice to eat organic food would have become a thing of the past. Big companies would have total control!

This is what has been going on without people knowing about it:

Is The Death of Organic Upons Us?

The presenters of these bills were asking President Obama to nationalize farming. Do you realize what that means?   The farmers would have been obliged to buy genetically modified seeds as well as their pesticides AND organic farming would have been  outlawed!

You may think that law would not have affected you, the small home gardener, but it would have … and  dramatically  and drastically so!

If bills HR875 and S425 had been passed through the US legistature, it would have affected everyone who wants to garden organically — even those who want a little organic vegetable garden in their backyard so they can grow healthy vegetables.

The acceptance of Bills HR875 and S425 would have totally destroyed organic gardening!

Farmers (and small gardeners) would have been forced to buy only genetically modified seeds sold by these specific companies such as those spearheaded by Monsanto.   No organically grown seeds— or heritage seeds — would have been allowed to be planted by farmers, and by the same token, not even in your little garden in your back yard.

At the moment Organic farmers are the targeted group.    However, the implication is that those people who are putting up a small garden in their back yard could be fined as well. This short video on youtube explains why

How Passing Bills HR875 and S425 Will Affect Organic Gardeners/Farmers

You might also want to google “GMO” and listen to videos explaining how this technology is used within the food industry.   In addition, you can rent the video “Future of Our Food.”   It’s so important that people know this information now and realize its implications  before it’s too late.

To summarize a bit — If President Obama does one day pass these bills or anything like them,  farmers will be forced to  use genetically modified seeds for their farming; otherwise, they could (and would) be heavily fined (up to $500,000) or even have their farm and all belongings confiscated.

Here’s an example of   a heart-breaking scenario which has in fact happened and could happen over and over again:

If I want to use organically certified seeds for my organic garden and my next door farmer grows genetically modified seeds and some of these seeds inadvertently blow into and grow in my yard, I can be heavily fined because I did not buy the seeds from Monsanto et al’s company.  If I don’t pay, I could lose all I own — everything I have worked for all my life!

In addition, my organic crop would be tainted by this GMO crop mixing with mine, and I would have a lot of difficulty getting rid of this problem .

Organic farming is in danger of being outlawed! Organic farmers are fighting for their freedom and their rights.

If these big GMO pushing companies  get their way and legislation is allowed to go in their favor now or in the future, organic farming and organic gardening will  cease to exist.  People would have NO choice.  Istead of  eating organically grown vegetables, they will have to eat genetically modified foods which can do untold harm to our bodies and our health.

And what about our children’s future?

Here’s another video which tells about what GMO foods could end up doing to us humans, especially our children, and that information is even more scary!

Find more videos like this on

For other related videos you can go to

Hidden Dangers In Kids Food

I’m so glad US citizens who got wind of this information immediately called or emailed their congressman or the Capitol switchboard at  202 224 3121 to protest passing these bills.   I’m sure, though, that is not the end of the food war!

It is devastating to realize that we are being told that it is safe to eat GMO food in which organisms such as insecticides have been injected.    If these types of plants kill the insects that feed on them, what will it do the human body?

URGENT:   Please tell  your friends about this danger.  Everyone should be on the alert and do what they can to squash the GMO tainting of all our food.

If everyone passes on the news and as many people as possible protest the ongoing practice of genetically modifying our food and insist that the genetically modified food be identified, perhaps this genetic modification of food would be abandoned before it’s too late.  Now is the time to act.

However, we must not be so naive as to think these big companies won’t try something else.    So please remain on the alert, stay up to date with what is happening, and let us save our freedom to farm organically — to be able to grow and/or eat organic foods anywhere freely!

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