Fruit Tree Spray: Natural or Organic or Homemade

An organic or a natural or even a homemade fruit tree spray is every bit as capable of gettting  rid of the overwintering insects and insects eggs lodged in the bark of your trees before they  hatch and begin multiplying.

Any of the following natural & organic fruit tree spray will do the job: A Dormant Spray mixture, the horticultural oil and water mixture only, a natural homemade spray mixture.

1. Organic Fruit Tree Spray:  Dormant Spray Combination (“Combo”)

The Dormant Spray Mixture is a very well-known organic fruit tree spray.  Its downside is that it must be  used only in early spring while the tree is still dormant and before the buds break.

This organic fruit tree spray , the Dormant Spray, is usually comprised of two ingredients which must be mixed according to specific instructions.

The first ingredient, the horticultural Oil, is used to  smother all overwintering insects and/or their eggs (one of the reasons  why the spraying must be done in early spring before the insect eggs hatch).

The second ingredient, lime sulphur, is a natural fungicide which kills dormant fungus spores or bacteria on the plant.  This organic fruit tree spray can be used as a combination of the two ingredients (Horticultural oil and lime sulphur), or you may choose to use the horticultural oil only.

2. Another Organic Fruit Tree Spray:  Horticultural Oil/ Water Only



Horticultural oil - organic fruit tree spray

Horticultural oil fruit tree spray


If you have no fungus or bacteria problem, you may want to spray with the agricultural Oil and water mixture only.  Different amounts of  agricultural oil  can be bought at your local gardening center.

I did use this Dormant Spray Combo on my peach, pear, apple, plum, and cherry trees for a few years, but since I was working every day, I found it difficult being able to do the spraying when the weather was just right.

Therefore, I then switched to spraying with only the horticultural oil/water mixture especially since horticultural oil can be used all summer as long as it is not sprayed when it’s really hot outside.

3. Homemade Fruit Tree Spray

However, one day I came across this homemade fruit tree spray recipe which I could make with ingredients found in the kitchen or at a gardening center.  Not only  could I use this natural homemade fruit tree spray early in the spring but also throughout the summer whenever I felt it was needed.  I had to test it on new foliage, but generally speaking, the fruit trees just loved this fruit tree spray which was made up of natural ingredients,  easy to make, and easy to spray.

I got to the point where I kept this spray on hand and used it on all my plants except evergreens. For example; I used it on all my fruit trees, ornamental trees if needed, and all my roses (everblooming, tea roses, miniature roses) — wherever I felt insects were present and I wanted to get rid of them.

I felt this spray was better for the environment and I did not have to worry about residual poison on my fruit or killing the bees.  I could spray fruit trees even in the daytime, although I would not recommend spraying when the temperature is above 80 degrees F.(30 Celsius)

If you are interested in finding out more about this natural homemade fruit tree spray, you will find the recipe and detailed explanations at my other blog, and look for the article “ Homemade Fruit Tree Spray” .

So rather than using synthetic insecticides/ pesticides which can be detrimental to you and the environment, you may want to consider using one of the environmentally safe Natural or Organic or Homemade  fruit tree spray.


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    Welcome, cookillex. I am so pleased that you are able to use this information.
    If you’re doing some organic vegetable gardening, a very good ebook “The Complete Guide To Organic Vegetable Gardening” full of great information can also be downloaded for free. You will find it on the far right hand side under “Download FREE ebook’.
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  3. Trey says:

    I have been looking for organic fruit tree sprays for my customers. Thanks for sharing this info. The homemade spray interest me. I may link to it. Thanks!

  4. Here is an excellent product, more effective than other horticultural oils.

  5. David Baker says:

    I have several fruit trees and vegetable plants. I would like to use an organic spray for pests. I also raise bees in the same area for honey and pollination of plants. I need an organic spray that will not harm my bees. Is there an organic spray available to order or one I can create at home?

  6. Thank you. A very informative blog. I’m from Malaysia and promoting natuaral farming here to make this world a better place to live. I’m following all the blog like yours to get ideas. My blog agrobiosolution .

  7. vinay says:

    Hi iam from himachal india iam just 25 year old and I have alots of interest in gardening please suggested me that how’s I can get good growth

  8. vinay says:

    I have tryed spray of oil in late march and.iam happy with result.

    • Marcie says:

      Hi Vinay
      Thank you for letting me know about the spray. It’s a great way of getting rid of overwintering insects in the bark. So pleased you could do so.

  9. vinay sanjta says:

    Can I mix fungicide with mitecide ?

    • Marcie says:

      Hi vinay
      I wouldn’t if I were you…not unless it specifically says on both containers that you can do so.
      I would be afraid that by mixing, I would be mixing ingredients that when put together does more harm than good.

      Be careful with that stuff.

  10. vinay sanjta says:

    I have only one month for harvest but size of apple is not increseing. What I can do ?

    • Marcie says:

      Hi Vinay

      In my experience, fruit will grow when the soil around the roots are the proper pH, when the soil has a lot of nutrients from compost (either hot composted material or vermicomposting), and plenty of water.

      Now remember I am not an agriculturist…I can only talk from experience…what I have learned through my many years of growing vegetables and having fruit trees.
      When my fruit trees were not producing, the first thing I did was add compost or aged manure (actually I had to buy mine in bags therefore it did not work as well as aged cattle or horse manure), and worked it gently (in order not to disturb the top roots) into the top inch or so of the soil around the tree. It’s especially important to bring your compost/manure in layers from the trunk out to or even a bit beyond the dripline of the tree.
      Synthetic fertilizer will not work as well because it does not contain the whole spectrum of micronutients which is found in real compost or manure. The exception to this statement might be seaweed -based such as kelp or fish concentrated liquid. If you use this, read directions carefully and follow well. Then water in the mixture in the soil around your tree.

      A second thing I did was to make sure the tree had plenty of water. A tree needs water in order to produce fruit.

      Also if the soil around the tree is packed down, loosen it gently with a rake or a garden fork to allow air/oxygen to flow in. Don’t be rough, though, because you might injure the roots. This loosening of the soil by itself can accomplich marvellous results. That’s why a garden whose owner loosens the soil around the plants on a regular basis will grow better veggies.

      Try these steps and let me know what has happened. You have only a month so. . .

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  16. vinay says:

    Can I do any spray before harvest? And what spray I can use after harvest ?

  17. […] spraying fruit trees, if you choose to use the organic based Dormant Spray “combo”, you must use this spray in a very precise way at a very precise time in the early […]

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      Yes Dikaja, you can quote my post in your blog as long as you give me full credit. You can even copy and paste the post if you add the Bio at the bottom of your article(post) What I really mind is when people change the wording in my article with an article spinner or other means, and the article ends up sounding very different. Either the meaning has been totally changed or it doesn’t make sense. So now I try to remember to add my Bio at the end of my posts so if people want to use the article as is (copy and paste) and add my Bio, I’m fine with that. To give yourself a little credit, you can introduce the article and write something at the end.

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  36. vinay sanjta says:

    Thanks iMy apple season is over now. After harvest can I do any spray to my apple tree.

    Yes Vinay, you can spray my special homemade fruit tree spray because some of the ingredients will help feed the tree through the leaves at the same time as it is protecting the tree from insects. This homemade tree spray will not harm your tree like the synthetic stuff you buy would.

    However, it is more important to feed the tree by adding compost or aged manure to the soil surrounding the tree.


    • Marcie says:

      Hi Vinay
      This homemade spray can be used any time in spring, summer, or fall. Do not spray when the weather gets below zero because the freezing/thawing of the water on the trunk of your trees will cause it to crack open and then the bugs will get in.


  37. vinay sanjta says:

    Hi marcie I want to know what is the right time to pruning I have stil some leaves on tree can I do right now ? What spray I can do after prune my tree? And what is solution for trunk dissess?
    Hi Vinay
    First of all different trees or shrubs each have its own special
    time when it should be pruned. Some are pruned in the fall, others are pruned after they flower in the spring, and some it doesn’t matter. I suggest you check with your gardening center and identify your tree. Then you can research on the internet by first typing and once you get that page type in the name of your tree. Another option is to go to an online nursery such as, and go to the proper category and look up the information on your tree.

    As for spraying your tree, if you have rough winters like we have in Canada, it’s too late to spray your tree. You must wait till spring to do that. If you look on your right hand sidebar, you will see links to articles explaining how and when to do your spraying.

    Personally, I always like to spray as early as possible in the spring when the temperature remains above zero at night. Although any of the natural, organic, or homemade sprays will all work fine, my preference is the homemade spray which can be used from spring till fall. It can be found at
    and look on the sidebar index on your right for homemade fruit tree spray.
    All trees and shrubs I used it on loves this homemade spray.
    If the link does not work, copy and paste into the browser.


  38. vinay sanjta says:

    Hi i want to know that can i mix dodine with dormat oil for my first spray of apple.
    I have no idea what dodine is so I cannot give you an answer on that one. It’s much safer for your trees if you get the kit which contains the two items which can be mixed from a nursery. In these kits you will find the right products to mix together.

    Frankly unless you have serious fungi problems with your tree, my first choice would be the homemade spray even for the first spray. The recipe is found on my blog My second choice would be horticultural oil with water, and the mixture would be my last choice.
    I presume you’ve read the two articles about how to spray and what to spray which are listed on the right.

    When I did use the mixture, I always bought my kit. As mentioned, I hated spraying with sulfur, and in the end when I found out that my homemade spray did just as good a job, I used the homemade spray for all my spraying and the trees loved it.
    Just be careful with the stuff you mix. Be sure that the chemicals can be mixed before you do mix them. After all, you want to kill the bugs, not the trees. And if you use the homemade spray, you will be nourishing them as you are protecting them.

  39. vinay sanjta says:

    hi i want to know what is right time to give nitrogen to apple tree……..

    Hi Vinay

    Sorry Vinay. I don’t know what you mean by giving nitrogen to apple tree.

    I have heard about feeding the tree by replenishing the soil a tree is in with compost and/or well composted manure. I have even used my special spray, the Homemade Fruit Tree spray found at to give the producing tree a boost since some of the stuff used in that homemade fruit tree spray feeds the tree through the leaves, but this type of foliage feeding is not a sustainable method to prepare your tree for the next year’s crop.

    At least once each year, any producing fruit tree needs to have aged manure or compost mixed in with the soil around its base. Although not the best option, even hammering in those fruit tree sticks around the drip line of your tree is better than nothing. These can be bought at a nursery.

    I know nothing about giving nitrogen to apple tree. If one was to give only nitrogen to a tree, the tree might get taller and produce more leaves, but nitrogen alone does not help any plant be it grass, tree, shrub, whatever.

    Know that one must give back to the soil what the plant, tree, flower, or vegetables have used up when producing their fruit, flower, or vegetable. The only and best way to help Mother Earth and replenish the soil is to use good and lots of compost or well aged manure. Fresh manure can be too acidic, so avoid fresh manure.

    By the way, do you have many apple crops on the one tree in one year? I live in Canada where we have only one growing season. If you have many growing seasons in one year, it then becomes even more important to keep replenishing the soil after each crop.

    I hope this explanation helps you. If not, please email me back and I will help as much as I can.
    Good luck!
    Marcie (
    PS: You can make your own compost you know. I used to have three compost bins on the go. I would fill one bin, then the second one, then the third one. By that time the material in the first bin was ready to be used. Do you compost?

    • vinay says:

      hi Marcie thanks for these all information. we also get only one crop in a year.. here we give cow manure to trees and we also give npk…..we give nitrogen at pink bud to apple tree…
      Hi Vinay
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I hope you are allowing your cow manure time to age before you put it
      on your soil. Fresh manure can ruin your soil.

      How are your trees doing now? Are they healthier? Did you spray them?
      I’ve never heard of using nitrogen alone for anything, especially fruit trees. Is this a synthetic product?

      • vinay says:

        hi marcie
        we have green tip stage in apple tree. what spray i can give this time tell me as well some suggestion to improve qulity of my apple………

        The best way to improve the quality of your apples is to

        1. Make sure you add compost or AGED fertilizer to your soil all the way from the trunk of your tree out to beyond your tree’s drip line.

        If you cannot find either compost or aged fertilizer, the second best is to plant fruit sticks all around your tree at the dripline. Follow directions to know how far apart these sticks should be planted. These sticks can be found at a nursery. (Perhaps in your country a different name is used.)

        2. I personally suggest using the homemade fruit tree spray which both feeds your tree and help to protect it from insects and fungi. If you go to the answer to your other questions you will see that I have included the articles which tell you when you should spray, the three best sprays and their pros and cons, and other articles which you will find helpful.

        You will find more information if you scroll down and read the answer to your question dated 2012/03/19

        Let me know what you have picked out.

  40. Thayne says:

    Hailing from singapore. Love your information. Thank you

  41. vinay says:

    iam giveing Horticultural Oil ……what i can mix with this ? what is the right time to give it?
    Hi Vinay

    There is a combo mix you can buy. This is a mixture of sulfur and horticultural oil which has to be sprayed at a very specific time so that you do not burn your plant. Horticultural oil alone will work.
    The best spray at any time is the homemade fruit tree spray. This one can be used from the beginning of the season to the end. The only things is to spray your trees early in the morning before the day gets hot and before the wind starts blowing.

    Here are the articles you should read in order to make your choice and to use a spraying schedule if you are using the homemade fruit tree spray. If clicking on the link does not work, copy and paste the url to your browser.

    At the website you will find these articles:
    “The homemade fruit tree spray” at
    “When to spray fruit trees” at

    On this website on the right hand side you will find the url to these articles:

    “How To Spray Fruit Trees Step by Step at”

    “What fruit tree spray should you use? Natural, Organic, or homemade”

    Hope this helps Vinay

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  46. vinay says:

    hey i want to know what spray we can do for hail affected apple………


    Hi Vinay
    I don’t know of any spray that can help hail affected apple.

    The only suggestion is to make sure the soil around the
    trees have good compost or well aged manure so that the
    apple tree can rectify some of the damage to the apples.

    I once read a story where some man would sell apples
    growing on his farm in the mountains. His apples were
    always beautiful until one year hail hit them and the apples
    were pocked and did not look as nice as usual.

    Rather than giving up, this farmer wrote a note to his
    customers when he sold his apples:
    The note said that he was sorry that the apples had
    been hit by hail; however, the fact that the apples kept
    on growing and that although they did not look as beautiful
    as they normally did, they were still delicious to eat,
    and that now the customer had proof that the apples
    were organically grown up along the mountains.

    The customers had the option of returning the apples for
    their money, but no one did.

    Were the apples totally destroyed by the hail? If not too
    damaged, they should survive and taste fine (although they
    may not look as beautiful as you would like them to) as long
    as the soil is healthy and sustainable as mentioned above.


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